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Great Guana Cay in Abaco

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Like the after-effect of a powerful movie, the memories of my Abaco visit still cling to me. Oh Abaco, I have fallen for you!

I’ve been dreaming about this Bahamas out island since my friends Terry and Jane told me about their resort in Great Guana Cay. With a resort named “Flip Flops on The Beach,” how can you not be enticed?

We booked a 3-night stay over the Easter weekend. I was beside myself when Jane told me that Nipper's, the local restaurant, hosts an annual Easter Egg Dive.

"An underwater Easter Egg Hunt???" I couldn’t wait to get there.

From Nassau, we flew into Marsh Harbour via BahamasAir and took a half hour ferry to Great Guana Cay. The friendly Jenks, short for Stephen Jenkins, had been patiently waiting at the dock to pick us up.

He loaded our bags on the bed of his mini pick-up truck, then patted the edge of the tailgate and said, “You can sit right here.” Without hesitation, Alan and I hopped on, dangling our legs during the ride. Within five minutes and only a couple of turns, we were in front of our charming cottage, Sea Lace.

Opening the French doors, we were immediately welcomed by a four-poster mahogany bed. Above it, Jane's adorable signature art graced the wall. To the left was a TV atop a dresser and to the right was a kitchenette plus a table set up for two. In the back was a decently sized full bathroom. The octagonal-shaped country cottage was just right for a couple and well-equipped with all you could ever need for a beach getaway.

Jenks gave us a quick demo on operating the air-conditioner and TV, then showed us our amenities. To our delight, the fridge was already stocked with some water and a fine bottle of wine. It was Good Friday and we were warned that stores would be closed for the holiday. What a relief to learn that the island's grocery store would be open the next day.

After we settled in, Jenks took us to Donna’s Cart Rentals to pick up our pre-arranged golf cart rental. We were strongly advised to get one so we had a way to get around the island.

Thirsty for some afternoon cocktails, we headed out to the local watering hole called Nipper’s. It was very easy to find. Besides, traffic on the island, as Jenks described, is just passing another golf cart on the road.

The renowned beachfront restaurant/bar sits high on a bluff overlooking the teal blue waters. Wooden stairs crawled to the beach offering guests waterfront access. The atmosphere was fun and the sweeping ocean view was intoxicating. A giant thatched roof bar was central to all the colorful energy swirling around . . . from families enjoying the pool, adults having cocktails, and beach bums strolling on the beach. The bartender shared that Nipper's was voted the best bar in the Caribbean. I don't doubt it.

Jenks also bartends here and it was great to see him again. We chuckled when he pointed to a guy sitting at the bar. Earlier that day, he underscored how safe it was around Great Guana Cay. "We do have one policeman on the island," he assured us. "He's probably at the bar right now. I'll show him to you."

Back at the resort, we walked to its wide open pavilion that faced the ocean. The relaxation space, decked out in patio furniture sets and lounge chairs, also serves as a gathering place for private weddings on the property. Sitting there, we could view the beach that stretched for miles on either side. There was no one else around. All we could hear were the soothing ocean waves and the palm fronds rustling with the soft breeze. Alan lolled on a comfy wicker chair while I draped myself on another. And we both slowly drifted into bliss. That, to me, was luxury at its finest.

sitting area with view of sunset and palm tree
I'd like to stay in this spot forever.

This story is continued on the next blogpost "Island Hopping in Abaco."

Note: A lot has changed since the devastating Hurricane Dorian ravaged The Abacos in 2019.


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Curious Adventurer
Curious Adventurer
Feb 06, 2019

You will love it there, Cynthia! My hubby and I had an amazing time. Hope you can make it there someday. Glad you enjoyed this post. Thanks for taking the time to read and leaving a comment. Appreciate your support!


Cynthia F
Cynthia F
Feb 06, 2019

This sounds idyllic! Far away from everything, and in the cutest little cottage. I could get used to this!

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