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Mosaic Buffet

Updated: Apr 4, 2018

Having lived in Las Vegas, I've become a buffet snob. It's not that I don't like them. Don't get me wrong. I'm just very particular about the offerings. To me, a buffet spread doesn't have to be a big bonanza. I could go for something simple as long as there's a decent variety of palate-pleasing selections.

There are buffet restaurants that lure you with heaps and heaps of food but nothing tastes great. Others are more basic but yield unforgettable dishes or present something unique. Those are the ones that stand out for me.

There are "hole-in-the-wall" buffet places in Sin City -- like Gandhi India's Cuisine and Lotus of Siam (Thai) -- that command return visits because of their authentic and delicious fare.

Another one I've always enjoyed is the Wynn's La Cave. I've labeled it "The Buffet For The Lazy" because as a customer, you don't ever need to leave your seat. The servers bring the selections directly to your table. Just as with other luxury hotel buffets like Bellagio's, their servings are personal in size, allowing you to sample everything without having to waste anything.

Sunday Brunch at Mosaic, the buffet restaurant at The Cove in #Atlantis, made it to my list of good buffets. We didn't have to stand in line and we were led to a table as soon as we walked in. Compared to most buffet restaurants, Mosaic is more intimate, eliminating the jostling of patrons moving from one station to the next.

Mosaic Buffet at The Cove in Atlantis Paradise Island

I found the atmosphere to be delightful with ample sunlight streaming in through large picture windows. And it wasn't loud. The background music was faint but audible enough for anyone to recognize what was playing.

Picture windows allowing ample natural light

Service was efficient and pleasant. Our server, Shakeisha, was always on hand to cater to our needs, quickly changing our used plates. When replenishing my coffee, she'd politely ask for my nod before pouring into my cup.

Hot food station at Mosaic

I found it refreshingly different from Vegas buffets that Mosaic features Rack of Lamb. Prepared the classic way, they're served bite-size (which is brilliant) and bursting with flavor.

Rack of Lamb at Mosaic's Sunday Brunch

At the carving station, the Beef and Lamb Churrasco also grabbed my attention. I was thrilled that I could savor it in multiple ways with the array of condiments such as mint jelly, chimichurri, cranberry relish, and mango chutney.

Great food and smiles at the carving station at Mosaic

Beef and Lamb Churrasco at Mosaic Buffet's hot station

At the end of the meal, I was quite satisfied and didn't feel like I had to waddle on my way out.

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