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Stix Noodle Bar at Baha Mar

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Stix Noodle Bar at Baha Mar is a great option when craving Chinese cuisine.

Meeting new friends is made even better when you dine at a great restaurant for the first time. It all started with a Facebook Group post from Shay Williams Horner, also a member of a women's network that I recently joined. She was embarking on a cruise with a port of call in Nassau and wanted to know if anyone on the island would like to meet. Naturally, I raised my hand.

When I found out that she had never been to the newly opened Baha Mar, I took her for a drive to the grand hotel property. On the way there, we exchanged quick versions of our life stories and caught up in a matter of minutes. I discovered that Shay suffers from Tarlov Cysts. It's a rare disease which puts her in constant pain yet you'd never know it. Her bubbly personality and positive outlook seem to negate all that. Listening to how she deals with her condition is inspirational and I applaud her for her strength.

Meeting the wonderful Shay Williams Horner, also a member of Women Who Live On Rocks.

After a quick walk-around tour of the beautiful Baha Mar, we settled on having lunch at Stix Noodle Bar, a Pan-Asian inspired restaurant offering a variety of noodles, rice, and dim sum. In this restaurant, Grand Hyatt Baha Mar's Chinese Master Chef Nick Du and local Chef de Cuisine Carvison Pratt team up in bringing an authentic yet fun and interactive dining experience.

Dim Sum delights at Stix: Baked Pork Buns (top) and Shrimp Spring Rolls.

In between our chat, Shay and I would take a few bites of the yummy Baked Pork Buns and the fresh Shrimp Spring Rolls. I was impressed that the menu had a decent selection of Asian favorites -- all reasonably priced. More importantly, the friendly staff sparkled with energy. They looked after us and made sure we had an enjoyable time.

I still think of Shay often and how her words impacted me that day. The fun dining experience definitely made my meet-up with Shay extra special.

Group pic with the fun crew at Stix.

Note: This was in October 2017.

Learn more about Stix Noodle Bar here

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