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Blackbeard's Revenge: a Pirate Ship Tour in The Bahamas

Updated: May 21, 2022

Pirate ship! I spy a pirate ship!

Hanging out harbor-side, I was wowed by what I saw. A stunning 500-ton pirate ship fashioned like a Spanish galleon was gliding right in front of me.

That’s really cool!

It’s called Blackbeard’s Revenge, a pirate ship tour in The Bahamas. What a perfect way to explore Nassau Harbour and become a “Pirate of the Caribbean” for a day!

The glorious 18th century pirate ship replica is named after Blackbeard, history's most famous and feared pirate. When in between cruise ships, it looks dwarfed in size but don’t let that fool you. This ship is no tiny thing.

Spacious with three decks, two bar areas, and an enclosed lounge, it’s quite impressive. Pre-pandemic, this ship at one point carried up to 350 passengers for a charter tour. It’s a smashing hit with adventurers, no matter their age.

Just like the sailing vessel, the crew is decked out in pirate gear, luring passengers into an adventure world. You'll likely find one of them climbing the rigging, bravely scaling the ropes towards the tall ship's masthead.

The main deck, decorated with gunpowder barrels and cannons, is the center of swashbuckling activities. A large bar area sits near the bow. Right above it is a small open space equipped with a DJ's Booth for party cruises. Towards the aft is a mini museum/souvenir shop and restrooms. (Yes, they have restrooms!) Directly above it is an air-conditioned VIP Captain's Lounge where you'll feel like you've entered Blackbeard's saloon. Moving up to the 3rd deck is yet another sizable gathering spot, complete with a figure of Blackbeard and an imitation ship's wheel.

*Photos courtesy of Blackbeard's Revenge

For its tours, Blackbeard's Revenge makes an eastbound sail from the Nassau Cruise Port, passing by points of attraction along Nassau Harbour and Paradise Island before circling back. Important landmarks include Junkanoo Beach, The Pointe and Margaritaville Beach Resort, the former British Colonial Hilton, Fort Montagu, and of course, the massive Atlantis Resort.

I've seen Blackbeard's Revenge pirate ship sail by during different parts of the day. Apparently, they have several tours to choose from: the Daytime Voyage, the Sunset Voyage, and the Bootleggers & Barrels Voyage (for adults 18+).

Daytime Voyage

This daytime tour features the family-friendly Pirate Mutiny Adventure.

Excitement launches the moment passengers are met at the gangway by the pirate crew. As passengers come on board, each child is given an eye patch to wear. Buccaneer-themed background music pumps them up for a thrilling voyage aboard Blackbeard’s Revenge.

Once on board and after a safety briefing, everyone is given a tour of the ship plus some historical facts about the Golden Era of Piracy. Throughout the sailing tour, the animated crew captivates passengers with entertaining skits, swashbuckling duel re-enactments, games, dancing and merrymaking. A favorite of the children is the pirate mutiny activity when they are “recruited” to overthrow the captain.

The adventure comes complete with refreshments. Everyone gets a free drink (fruit punch for kids and rum punch for the adults). Bottled water and other beverages like beer and wine for adults are also available for purchase.

"The kids get really fired up on this daytime voyage," said John Clarke, the GM of Blackbeard’s Revenge. He explained that they offer this family fun adventure via an exclusive port excursion for select cruises like Disney. The best part is that cruise passengers don’t ever need to leave the Nassau cruise port. So they remain in their “safe bubble” when they select this tour.

I happened to be on board the pirate ship during a private children’s birthday party before the pandemic. The kids were having a blast and I couldn’t tell who was having more fun— the children or their parents living vicariously through them. Here's a video clip courtesy of Blackbeard's Revenge.

Sunset Voyage

Just like the tour name suggests, this is a romantic sunset cruise. During the golden hour, the sun touches everything with a magical glow. Imagine going on this relaxing sail along Nassau Harbour, taking in the surrounding views, and capturing a Bahamas sunset while sipping on a complimentary glass of wine. I can just picture an incredible wedding party on this gorgeous ship while on a sunset sail.

Bootleggers & Barrels Party Voyage

This one is the ultimate party cruise. Where else can you party the night away while cruising the waters of the “Pirate Capital of the Caribbean?” There's much more than just pirate rum to drink while grooving to music beats by the hottest DJs of Nassau. It’s a barrel of fun for adults 18 years and older.

The Blackbeard’s Revenge sailings don’t end there. They also offer so many creative possibilities for private charters like pirate-themed birthday parties, weddings, and other group events.

If you’re in The Bahamas looking for an entertaining time in Nassau, check out this great grand attraction. Brush up on your pirate speak and hop aboard Blackbeard's Revenge. Only then can you claim bragging rights that you've sailed the Caribbean waters like Cap'n Sparrow.

Yo ho ho!

For more information, visit their official website at

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Carpe Diem Eire
Carpe Diem Eire
Apr 17, 2022

Arrr this looks like a lot of fun. Definitely not just for kids. I hope that rum punch was free flowing. Nobody wants to be a sober pirate.

Curious Adventurer
Curious Adventurer
Apr 20, 2022
Replying to

Sure is a fun sailing tour. I haven’t been on the party cruise for 21+ year olds, but I’ve seen them sail by. You can hear them having a fun time on that ship!

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