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Can’t Wait to Stay at the Big Bamboo

Two Adirondack chairs on a wooden patio with greens in the background
There's a perfect place to chill at Big Bamboo Bahamas on Andros Island. I want to go there!

For the longest time, I’ve been intrigued by Andros, an out island of The Bahamas. It all started with my first encounter with a land crab. My research led me to a fascinating virtual trip, uncovering so much more about the island than its popular yearly crab fest.

Hubby and I finally made it there a few years ago for a couple’s getaway (more on that story later). Although our experience was dreamy, it wasn’t what I’d call immersive travel. We missed exploring the local scene.

My interest about Andros was reborn when I came across an Instagram post from Big Bamboo Bahamas. This sounds cliche but it looked like a home away from home. I was drawn by the accommodation’s creekside charm and the promise of an off-the-grid adventure on the island.

Can you tell I’ve already been in contact with the owner? Kelly Sebree was more than happy to give Curious Donna the lowdown.

Big Bamboo Bahamas, a spacious two-story boutique villa, sits on a two-acre estate fronting Fresh Creek. Here you can safely vacation with your own group bubble while living like a true Andros island local. Four island-style bedrooms comfortably accommodate 8-10 guests. There’s plenty of room to spread out with fun outdoor gathering spots and lounging areas. Its rustic appeal is only a sliver of what makes it endearing. Bahamian crafts, fine art, and artifacts found at every corner also contribute to the lovely home's welcoming embrace.

water slide on a dock
The dock's slide is just one of the water playground's fun features.

An on-site waterfront playground provides guests a reef-like experience. Aside from swimming in the intimate-sized pool, you can shimmy down the dock's water slide and splash into the shallow ocean. If you want to wander farther, just paddle board or kayak along the creek. Or if you'd rather stay close, you can simply go dock fishing. Take your pick. Either way, you'll get up close to a variety of fish, manatees, or even stingrays.

Two manatees seen through clear waters
Lovable manatees are regular dockside visitors.

The favorite seaside haunt is the in-water tiki hut. This partly submerged picnic table, largely shaded under a thatched roof, offers the best hangout on the property's private beach. It's easy to see why it's become the signature feature of Big Bamboo.

In-water tiki hut by the beach
The in-water tiki hut, Big Bamboo's icon, is the perfect spot to unwind.

What about picture-perfect sunsets? They have them! At day’s end, you just might be rewarded with a stunning marmalade sky. That's when you grab a cocktail and plop into an Adirondack chair on the villa's wrap-around veranda.

Windows reflecting a boat against a beautiful island sunset
An Androsian island sunset viewed from the wrap-around veranda.

All that I've mentioned so far is only half the fun you can expect. Included in your stay is access to a boat equipped with fuel, fishing poles, and bait. Capt. Bamboo would be more than happy to give you a boat ride for a must-do island exploration. You'd be surprised with which "locals" might join you as you sail through clear turquoise waters.

Man on a fishing boat
Explore the island by boat, skippered by Capt. Bamboo himself.

Playful dolphins just might join you on your boating trip.

Guess what? There's so much more! Did you know that Andros, the largest island of The Bahamas archipelago, is highly sought after by a diverse group of outdoor adventurers? There’s an abundance of reasons as bountiful as the island’s offering of natural wonders. This island, interspersed with water inlets and creeks, is almost twice the size of Rhode Island yet it is vastly untouched.

Aerial shot of an island's creek leading to the ocean
An aerial photo of Fresh Creek on Andros, Bahamas

Known as the bonefishing capital of the world, Andros is the best fly fishing destination. It is also known as the blue hole capital of the world with more than 50 recorded blue holes (sinkholes or underwater caves). Andros Barrier Reef is a diver’s dream from its shallow coral gardens to the depths of nearby TOTO (Tongue of The Ocean). On land, the dense pine forests-- home to the Bahama Oriole and other extraordinary bird species-- are ideal for birdwatching. The list is endless. I can go on and on.

A black and yellow bird perched on a palm frond
The Bahama Oriole is native to the island of Andros.

It only makes sense that owners Kelly and her husband, Stephen, decided to open up this perfect hideaway, hosting one family or group of like-minded travelers at a time. Whether for a group of fly fishermen, scuba divers, snorkelers, eco-adventurers, beachcombers, or yoga and art enthusiasts, this specialized lodging offers a way to enjoy a shared experience within your group.

aerial shot of creekside property
Aerial shot of the private boutique villa situated on Fresh Creek.

For years, the couple shared their home only to family members and invited friends. After converting it into a commercial property, this once-upon-a-time private residence has been welcoming even more people to immerse themselves in beautiful Andros and its unique island lifestyle.

It’s ideal for an isolated vacation yet there is no need to worry about being on a remote location. Kelly and Stephen live on the premises, always at the ready to assist their guests. Whether taking care of provisions, coordinating customized island tours, packing coolers for fishing trips, or even starting the emergency generator, Kelly and Stephen are available to be “as involved or as invisible” as you need them to be.

This guy is showing exactly how to relax around Big Bamboo. Take me there!

I’ve been raring to go but thanks to Covid, my travel plans have been “rudely interrupted.” I haven’t stopped dreaming about my escape to this isolated getaway home. Kelly knows I can’t wait to get picked up by their Magic Bus and get whisked away to this extraordinary out island retreat.

Just you wait. I’ll see you soon, Big Bamboo Bahamas!

Shuttle bus with Big Bamboo Bahamas logo on its door
The 14-passenger "Magic Bus" shuttles passengers to Big Bamboo.

Photos and videos courtesy of Big Bamboo Bahamas.

To learn about rates or make a reservation, visit their listing on VRBO.

For inspirational photos/videos, follow Big Bamboo Bahamas on Instagram.

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Alecia Lambie
Alecia Lambie
May 11, 2021

The Big Bamboo seems like the perfect place for a TRUE getaway from it all. The scenery is beautiful and I like that guests have the choice to do as much or as little as they want.

Curious Adventurer
Curious Adventurer
May 11, 2021
Replying to

It definitely oozes with authentic Andros Island lifestyle. And wait till you meet the owners. Kelly is genuinely a "people" person. I can't stop dreaming of going there soon. Hope you get to go too. Thanks for commenting, Alecia!


Carpe Diem Eire
Carpe Diem Eire
May 08, 2021

Ah I can see why you can’t wait to go. even that tiki hut table is enough. And no competition for it. The place looks marvellous. So when is it on the cards?

Curious Adventurer
Curious Adventurer
May 08, 2021
Replying to

Isn’t it amazing? Hope I can still make it happen in the next month or so. But it will likely be in 2022. Thanks for taking time to check out my story. Hope all is well with you, John!

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