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Menu Surprise


October 6, 2014

There was so much more I wanted to do on our first day in Tokyo. After walking around Ueno Park, we went all the way to Tokyo Skytree only to find out that it was closed due to strong winds. That was a bummer.  Next we went to Akihabara but only had time to wander inside Yodobashi, a giant discount electronic store. I was frustrated that I couldn't find the maid cafes and anime exhibitions that makes this area so popular. I kept looking up to see if I could recognize the buildings from the photos I've seen. I wish I had known that they were on the other side (west side) of Akihabara Station.  It was getting late and our feet were aching from walking all day. We decided to look for a place to eat  before heading back to our hotel. We passed several restaurants that had photos of their specialty items on the windows. Nothing seemed to catch our fancy.

Here's our little table at the restaurant. I guess the hangers on the walls are for your coats.

As we turned into an alley, we found an interesting restaurant. The menu was in Japanese but they did have a picture version. The staff also spoke little English so the few Japanese phrases I learned came in handy. I told Alan we could go somewhere else but he replied, "No, this is fine. It's an adventure!"

We pointed out our menu selections to our waitress. I guess we ended up ordering fresh tomato salad, chicken skewers, and... peacock barbecue!

Our fresh tomato salad.
These chicken skewers may not look as appetizing but they're better tasting than the peacock barbecue.
And this is peacock. The barbecue glaze was tasty but I found the meat to be rather chewy.

Continued from Rain, Rain, Gone Away. Stay tuned for more adventures

about Japan.

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