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The Daiquiri Shack

The Daiquiri Shack in front of Melia Nassau in The Bahamas

If it weren't for my desire to explore the island by bus, I would have never found this gem. Directly outside Melia Nassau Beach Hotel, it is situated in front of the bus stop that shuttles passengers downtown.

Friendly tourists enjoying a frozen daiquiri

The Daiquiri Shack is as welcoming as the people inside. Party beats spill out of its windows and the interior oozes with character. Shelves are colorful with stacked fresh bananas, strawberries, oranges, pineapples, mangoes, and more. Plastered on the wall are autographed dollar bills and photos of visitors from all over the world. The rafters and ceiling are decorated with team T-shirts donated by visiting tourists.

Team shirts hang along the ceiling beams.

Of course, the hero is the bar at the center of it all. Juice blenders whizz as the cheerful bartender creates concoctions for his daiquiri fans.

When I walked in, I found some folks sitting on the stools surrounding the bar while others were leaning against the shack's railing as they waited for their drinks.

Bartenders here use large cooking spoons when preparing the best daiquiris in town.

When it was my turn, I ordered my favorite pineapple daiquiri.

"With alcohol?" the bartender asked to make sure.

 "Hell, yeah!"

He gladly added the magical rum and fired up the blender. He then poured the mixture into a plastic cup, finished it with a straw, and handed the overflowing drink to me. All it took was one sip and I was hooked.

My overflowing pineapple daiquiri

During my first time here, I found a snack menu posted on the door. Ahh, all of a sudden the picnic tables outside made sense. Aside from drinks, they also serve chicken wings and a burger combo meal with chips. They were quite good and they didn't bust my budget. Who said everything was expensive in The Bahamas?

I must say that the frozen daiquiri here is the best I've ever had. I crave it especially on a hot and humid day on the island. A small cup costs only $6 but I always opt for the large one for $10. Whether large or small, I'm sure either size would be enough to make anyone happy.

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Curious Adventurer
Curious Adventurer

I just wanted to alert anyone who is planning on visiting this Daiquiri Shack on West Bay Street. I just learned last week that the owner, Brian Livingstone McKenzie, recently passed away. Because of this, the shack is closed for an indefinite time. This is a sad time not only for his friends and relatives but also to the loyal patrons of this beloved local watering hole. (June 2019)

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